Telkom Indonesia to present the IndiHome Esports League

Telkom Indonesia, a telecommunications provider, will present the IndiHome Esports League starting from March. The deal is set to span over two years and will be split into four separate seasons – the league will see teams battle it out for a total prize pool of one billion rupiah (£50,416.80).

IndiHome Esports League

Season one of the IndiHome Esports League commences this month, with gamers competing on Vainglory, a five-versus-five mobile MOBA title. IndiHome, a Telkom brand, is the organiser of the tournament alongside media company MD Media.

Syaifudin, Director, MD Media commented on the partnership: “The big challenge of esports is changing the negative perception that video games have always had. Through this league, we hope esports competitions will foster creative value, train agility and develop a competitive spirit, while building teamwork with good sportsmanship.”

MD Media are also working on the MDM Esports Academy, an Indonesian esports stadium that will be kitted out with PC systems and networking equipment. The stadium is set to include “training facilities supported by professional Indonesian gamers with international achievements. The stadium will be a place where people can not only play, but also train to become professional gamers.”

The Indonesian league also plans to offer resources for other roles in esports, such as casters, video producers, and streamers. It’ll also serve as a space for brands and sponsors to congregate.

Esports Insider says: A company as large as Telkom Indonesia supporting its national esports league is great news for the Indonesian esports scene. Vainglory has proven to be an enjoyable mobile title and with the support of Telkom, the IndiHome Esports League could be worth keeping your eye on.