100 Thieves hires former Riot Games employee, Jason Ton

27 April 2018


100 Thieves has continued its steady but constant growth with a key hire in Jason Ton, bringing him on board as Vice President of Finance and Operations.

Ton previously acted as the Finance Director for Riot Games, leading the finance team for its esports and merchandising businesses. During his tenure at Riot, Ton was in charge of leading and supporting over 250 people.

100 Thieves Jason Ton

Announcing the hire on Instagram, Owner and CEO Matt “Nadeshot” Haag said the following: “Excited to announce that Jason Ton has joined 100 Thieves as our new Vice President of Finance and Operations. Jason joins us from Riot Games where he led Riot’s finance team for the Esports and Merchandise businesses. The company is growing quickly!”

Along with Ton being brought in as the VP of Finance and Operations, 100 Thieves is actively seeking for a Staff Accountant to bolster its finance department. This role includes providing “day-to-day accrual-based accounting services to help grow the organisation”. The position “will require daily interaction with team members,” – this will seemingly include Ton.

100 Thieves – despite making it to the finals in the team’s inaugural season of the North American League of Legends Championship Series (NA LCS) – still only has a small team of staff. In February of this year, the organisation hired John Robinson as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Robinson’s main responsibilities include growing the monetisation capabilities and partnerships for the lifestyle brand and competitive organisation.

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see 100 Thieves continue to, slowly but surely, increase its internal staff. Acquiring Ton from Riot Games is a big move, we look forward to seeing if any other big names in the industry are stolen by the newly-founded organisation – they are thieves, after all.