ESI London 2018 – Why you should attend

ESI London, taking place across September 18-20th, is making a name for itself as the biggest event of its kind this year.

The three-day esports business conference has set its sights on building a bridge between expertise and interest; explaining it from the inside out and facilitating ample educational and business opportunities for all attendees, both those from esports and those on the outside looking in. 

At Olympia London, you can expect a whole host number of big name speakers to be present – with over 400 attendees showing up to learn the ins-and-outs of esports, and make valuable business connections.

What’s even better is that it takes place just before the FACEIT Major, so it’s the perfect precursor if you plan to attend the CS:GO tournament.

Below are some of the speakers already confirmed.

You can see the full list of confirmed speakers right here, and check the agenda as it’s updated right here.

Name Position Company
Patrik Sättermon Co-owner and CGO Fnatic
Lars Lien CEO Luckbox
Christian Sørensen CEO North
Alex Dreyfus CEO ChiliZ
Kirsty Endfield Founder Swipe Right PR
Ian Smith Commissioner ESIC
Oskar Fröberg CEO Abios
Flavien Guillocheau Founder PandaScore
Tim Mangnall  CEO Hugh Holland 

You can also take a gander at one of our previous events below, ESI Birmingham, which took place ahead of ESL One Birmingham and in partnership with the likes of ESL UK, Intel, PwC and the NEC Group

Of this one, Leah Somers, UK Marketing Manager, Cooler Master, had this to say: “I recently attended an ESI event in collaboration with ESL, and it was a truly great event. Not only for the wealth of knowledge from the speakers, but also the service while at the event, and the great networking opportunities.

“It is great to be in a space with so many industry experts from so many different backgrounds, and viewpoints. There is something that everyone can take away from these events, regardless of experience – with contacts and insight that you may never normally gain.”

An official statement from PwC meanwhile read as follows: “Thank you to the ESI team for giving us the opportunity to speak at ESI Birmingham. It was a fantastic event providing an invaluable amount of insight on esports, which is testament to the strength of ESI’s relationships within the esports industry. We are looking forward to the next event already!”

ESI London will be a supersized version of ESI Birmingham, with plenty more in the way of sessions, speakers, networking parties, attendees and more, as well as a sizable exhibition and interactive zone. 

The Lowdown

ESI London will see over 50 key figures in the esports industry congregate in one place to share their insight into various topics over more than 14 sessions, which include panels, workshops, and even live debates.

The opening evening of ESI London will include a dinner and a social warm-up, which will allow for you to rub elbows with other industry professionals and those perhaps looking to enter the scene in some form. Networking has always been a vital part of such events, giving you the potential to gather key contacts and to learn more about your peers.

September 19th will see the conference will feature a number of interesting subjects, from How to create an esports team, league and tournament ops, esports and the law, PR, and how to build a brand. Debates on two hot topics in the industry – franchised leagues and esports in the Olympics – will also be held.

The third and final day will see a Betting on Esports track; with topics involving partnerships, blockchain, casinos, building a product and all-important data, in short there’s lot to learn about an emerging sector in the industry.

Remember that this is far from Esports Insider’s first rodeo when it comes to hosting conferences. Indeed this will be the ninth Esports Insider event, but rest assured, this will be the biggest yet.

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Remember too, the early bird price expires on June 30th…