BIG announces OMEN by HP sponsorship

BIG, or Berlin International Gaming, announced its newest sponsorship coming from hardware company OMEN by HP.

The announcement states OMEN will supply the team with hardware and the players will create “exclusive educational content to help grow the next generation of esports athletes”. The two will also look to begin a project to improve and develop the German esports scene.

BIG currently holds teams in League of Legends, Quake, FIFA and, most notably, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The esports organisation also has sponsorships from the likes of Corsair, Unikrn and noblechairs.

Daniel Finkler, CEO of BIG said: “We are incredibly thrilled to announce our partnership with OMEN by HP. Since the foundation of Hewlett Packard in 1939, the company has grown into one of the most famous and iconic hardware brands. Together with OMEN by HP, we aim to execute a large-scale project, which will help to develop the next generation of professional players and provide our audience with highly educational esport content. I personally can’t wait to share more information about our joined plans soon.”

OMEN by HP is a premium sponsor for PC hardware in esports also supporting organisations like Cloud9, Counter Logic Gaming and exceL Esports.

Rosa Maria Alcauce, Campaign Manager for PC Gaming for OMEN by HP said: “We want to continue contributing to the development of esports and we are convinced that in BIG we have found a first-class partner who pursues the same goal as we do. BIG has impressively proven that they are ready for the international esports stage. That’s why we’re looking forward to the projects we’ll be working on together over the coming months.”

Esports Insider says: What a massive sponsorship to come in for a massive organisation. BIG has dedicated to furthering the German esports scene for quite some time now and with a partnership with OMEN and plans for educational esports content, it can only mean good things for German esports.