epic25 brings in Sunny Broadband as headline CS:GO sponsor

epicLAN has announced Sunny Broadband as the headline sponsor for its upcoming epic25 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament.

This sponsorship sees the minimum prize pool come in at £1,500, boosting all the way up to £4,000 if all of the tournament slots are occupied.

epic25 Sunny Broadband

Luke Derbyshire, Managing Director of Sunny Broadband said the following about the sponsorship: “I have always been a gamer and I love grassroots gaming events such as epic.LAN, so as we launch our new services here at Sunny Broadband, I am keen to support epic.LAN and the CS:GO community that I’ve been a part of for so long. I fully understand the importance of a quality connection when gaming online, so we hope to introduce some new gamers to our platform and show them a different and hassle-free approach from a UK ISP.”

epic25 is a community-based event, with tournaments also being hosted for Dota 2, StarCraft II, and Rocket League. epicLAN has hosted plenty of tournaments and community events in the past, almost always with an emphasis on growing the grassroots esports scene in the UK.

Jon Winkle, Managing Director at epic.LAN added: “We’re already having a great year of UK esports, and the CSGO community benefits hugely from that with the major in London later this year, the Grosvenor CSGO tour currently taking place and many other opportunities in the calendar. So it seems fitting that we round out the year by partnering with Sunny Broadband to make sure that everyone at a community level gets their opportunity to be a part of one of the busiest years of esports in the UK for a long time.”

The event takes place at the Kettering Conference Centre on October 11-14th. Tickets are available here.

Esports Insider says: epicLAN is doing great things for the lower levels of competitive gaming in the UK, so it’s great to see it bring in Sunny Broadband to boost the prize pool and provide support. epic25 is poised to be a good event with multiple top titles available to compete on.