Gamer Sensei acquires

Gamer Sensei, which offers gamers one-on-one coaching has acquired League of Legends coaching site,

The deal will see coaches join the Gamer Sensei network; users will have their accounts merged with Gamer Sensei, allowing them access to a range of other titles besides League of Legends. Gamer Sensei customers will benefit from the deal as the site will see an increase in their LoL coaches.

Jim Drewry, CEO of Gamer Sensei, had this to say: “We’ve long admired the work of the team over at and when the opportunity to work with them presented itself it was simply too good to pass up. Our combined teams will continue to work to bring the very best League of Legends coaching experience to players around the world.”

This is the second acquisition by Gamer Sensei after they acquired DOTA 2 coaching site, Gamer Sensei also partnered with The National Association of Collegiate Esports earlier this year.

Joshua Hilton Founder & CTO of, added: “The Leaguecoaching team is excited to be joining Gamer Sensei. With our great coaches and students moving to the Gamer Sensei platform we’ll be able to provide the best possible professional League coaching experience going forward. The combined site offers a new level of customer service and additional payment options that help expand the global reach of our coaches.” 

Gamer Sensei now offers coaching in a multitude of titles such as Fortnite, LoL, DOTA 2, CSGO, Overwatch and many more top esports titles.

Esports Insider says: Gamer Sensei is clearly looking to nail down this corner of the market. Coaching is a way for aspiring players to make that next step in their journey and from Gamer Sensei’s point of view, acquiring other major sites and merging them with your platform is a just smart business move.