HyperX sponsors the Sports Academy esports centre

HyperX has become the new peripheral sponsor for the Sports Academy esports centre, the company announced through a press release. The new partnership is part of HyperX “We’re All Gamers” initiative, focused on community engagement to create and support the gamers of the future.

Sports Academy is a 96,000 square foot campus located in Thousand Oaks, California. The centre offers different sports programs as well as recovery and medical services. Some of the facilities available in the complex include the performance training centre, a cognitive training lab and a recovery centre. Sports Academy offers programs designed according to every athlete’s needs and skills.

In 2017, Sports Academy opened a 2,000 square foot state-of-the-art esports centre. Esports athletes can enjoy the pro training camps, brand-sponsored arena style tournaments, and the LAN parties. The centre also includes private coaching rooms, public and private gaming rooms, 30 pc stations and consoles.

Wendy Lecot, head of corporate strategic alliances at HyperX, said: “The collaboration with Sports Academy esports centre is a natural extension for HyperX as it represents the convergence of sports and esports and is a positive force for athletes, providing gameplay and training programs for traditional sports athletes, casual gamers and professionals at all skill levels.”

As a peripheral sponsor, HyperX will provide the Sports Academy esports centre with the latest gaming gear. For the training sessions, the athletes will have access to keyboards, headsets, mice, and mousepads. Athletes will also test HyperX newest products and take part in the research sessions organized at the facility.

Bryce Brown, senior performance trainer at Sports Academy, said: “We have done extensive research on training methodologies around improving the health, endurance, and physicality of esports athletes that translates to improving gaming performance. Our esports training boot camps incorporate specialized training and development for the lower back, proper posture, hand-eye coordination, and strong core, forearms, hands, wrists and fingers.”

The Sports Academy esports centre is open for free play every Friday between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.

Esports Insider says: Sports Academy is teaching the athletes more than simple gaming techniques. The physical aspect of the boot camps is the key to this innovative program, HyperX and Sports Academy are looking to take the training for casual players and amateurs to a new level.