Vancouver set to be home to The Gaming Stadium

Vancouver, Canada is set to be the next destination for a dedicated esports venue, as the 250-capacity venue entitled The Gaming Stadium is set to be located in the city’s suburbs when it is scheduled to open in 2019. 

The Gaming Stadium; Myesports Ventures Ltd.
The Gaming Stadium logo

The venue itself is located just outside of Vancouver, in Richmond, British Columbia. The initial plans for the venue state it is set to feature a large main gaming stage with a seating area for up to 250 spectators, alongside a gaming area with “over 40 setups” as well as a casual gaming area where players can “drop in” and play. The facility is also looking to feature a full broadcast facility, whilst making sure it will be fully catered.bu

The goals of the company behind the arena, Myesports Ventures Ltd, are simple: “to provide a community-driven location that is open for players of all ages and skill levels to watch and participate year-round”. The company features an advisory team made up of representatives of two local university esports societies, University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University. The company was only formed this year but hosts a team experienced in business development, marketing and tournament operations.

CEO Dan Cybak stated: “Today is an exciting day for me and the entire team at The Gaming Stadium. We have been working hard to get this off the ground. Our team is made up of people who have been organizing and participating in tournaments in this city for years. We have built a group that covers all aspects of esports. This facility is truly built by gamers for gamers. We have so much in store for everyone and we are excited to continue making announcements leading up to launch,. This is going to change the landscape of esports in Vancouver.”

COO Matthew Low added: “We are focused on more than top-level players or hosting major events. We are aiming to cultivate the next great gamers as we will be holding leagues for all skill levels while also offering coaching for those who want to take their skills to the next level. We are going to be the Little League, Junior League and Major League home of all things esports in Vancouver.”

Esports Insider says: North America continues to be an esports investment hotspot, and The Gaming Stadium joins in through Canada. Hopefully, their esports arena can help build the growth that Canada has seen in recent months by the time it opens in 2019.