eFighting League to kick off with inaugural event in December

31 October 2018


The eFighting League (eFL) has been established as an esports league for celebrities and it has now announced its first event, eFL One.

Held at the Troxy London on December 29th, world-renowned MMA fighters and celebrities are poised to compete. These figures will operate their own teams, made up of professional players.

eFighting League

Umesh Perera, Owner of the eFighting League discussed the venture in a statement: “Support for the eFL has been overwhelming, we are inclusive NOT exclusive, even ticket prices are low… gaming transcends colour and creed uniting us all. We use esports as a gateway to light up the imagination of young minds to coding, game theory, graphics and media.”

The title fight at eFL One will be between Mark “Super Samoan” Hunt‘s team and Ben “10” Nguyen‘s team, which will reportedly “have  all the atmosphere of a real MMA fight”. A championship belt will be presented to the winner, with the action taking place on both Street Fighter and Tekken.

Hunt commented: “I am so excited to be part of the eFL, showing the younger generation a healthy digital and physical life, playing fair and winning without cheating.”

Nguyen added: “As a kid Ryu from Street Fighter inspired me to get in to martial arts and now gaming with the eFL I get to be both an esports and sports professional.”

The eFighting League is said to have events confirmed in the USA, Thailand, and Russia for 2019.

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see more and more professionals from traditional sports embracing esports, and that’s evident with the eFL as the professionals are actually competing. We hope there’s a good turn out at the Troxy, with both celebrities and esports fans in attendance, so even more interest in this industry can be sparked.

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