NHL player Zach Hyman launches organisation E11 Gaming

22 October 2018


Professional ice hockey player Zachary “Zach” Hyman announced the launching of a new esports organisation E11 Gaming.

Hyman is venturing outside of the ice once again, the published author and professional ice hockey player is looking to enter the esports industry. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ left winger announced he would be launching a new organisation based in Toronto, Ontario.

Hyman said: “[Esports] is a growing and developing industry, I met with a couple of different esports companies to gauge interest in investing in something I like and thought was going to grow I didn’t really find one that suited me, so I decided to go out and start my own thing.”

Hyman is not alone in this project, he recruited Oliver Silverstein as the chief operating officer. Silverstein previously worked with WorldGaming and 3six5.

According to a report by NHL, E11 Gaming is looking to invest in successful players that can win tournaments. The young organisation set its eyes on TwitchCon and the Fortnite competition taking place in California from October 26 to 28. The team is sending nine players that are part of the Fortnite roster for E11 Gaming.

So far, E11 Gaming announced three players, Garvin “BlooTea” Chen, Jake “Vicaros” Lyonns, and Chris “TheGeneral” Lee. These players alongside the rest of the roster are travelling to TwitchCon to compete for part of the $2 million prize pool.

 The rest of the roster will be revealed on October 26 when the official website goes live.

Esports Insider says: The lines that divided esports and traditional sports are thinner every day. Teams understand that esports are not a direct competition but a great complement for their clubs. This year, athletes are starting their own organisations, and that interest and investment can only benefit the industry as a whole.