SitNPlay expands open beta platform

SitNPlay Games has announced an expansion of the open beta for its platform that will now enable players to create arranged competitions for real money. The matches will allow players to create games and wait for opponents to accept them, along with winning and receiving prizes that can be cashed out with real money.

Leandro Gabrielzyk, CEO and Co-Founder of SitNPlay Games, said: “The billion-dollar esports market attracts a large segment of enthusiasts who aspire to be paid professionals, but don’t yet have the skill-sets to compete above the amateur level in order to monetize their time and skills. Less than one percent of the world’s top esports players actually achieve professional status and can make a full-time income from competing. We are serving the millions of aspiring esports players around the world with a seamless solution to compete and earn real money prizes for their skills.”

SitNPlay was created from the MIT Play Labs accelerator program, similar to that of the Stadia Venture program in Frisco, Texas. The platform also gained funding from Play Labs, Seraph, NorthBay and investor, Rajeev Surati. The first beta was released in August for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. According to the announcement, since then, over 10,000 players have created over 15,000 ad-hoc matches and 1,000 tournaments to win real prizes. 

Riz Virk, Executive Director of MIT Play Labs, said: “As esports has grown and evolved as an industry, opportunities have quickly emerged for innovative technology to progress and capture its full market potential. SitNPlay Games is enabling a massive segment of enthusiasts to compete and monetize with its esports competitive play platform, and I look forward to how the platform will evolve and grow in the coming months.”

SitNPlay’s platform allows players to create lobbies and play on-demand matches. Players can also create free and pay-to-enter matches, leagues, and tournaments for cash money. Players can also rent CS:GO servers to practice with no long-term commitments. 

Esports Insider says: Creating on-demand matches is no new concept in gaming as players are looking for competition at every level. The SitNPlay platform is looking to attract gamers hoping to take their skills higher and play not only for competition but for money. By looking at the demand it’s had since launching the beta, the expansion only makes sense.

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