Sports Management Worldwide launches 8-week online Business of Esports

Sports Management Worldwide (SMWW) has launched its very first Business of Esports course.

This online 8-week course is intended to be ‘a comprehensive class to teach students, in detail, about the multi-faceted esports industry and the different roles that aspiring professional can find themselves in and prepare for’. The official start date is today, Monday 22nd October. SMWW offers a number of courses across the traditional sports space; it offers everything from Sports Administration to Baseball Analytics. 

Led by former Vainglory pro Ben ‘FooJee’ Watley, it covers topics across the esports business landscape, such as event management, fan engagement, player psychology, team management, coaching studies, content creation, broadcasting/streaming, and sponsorship. With the esports industry being very community driven and transparent through the likes of streaming, content sharing, and live events SMW are providing students with both the educational aspect and networking opportunities with others in a similar situation. 

Additionally, as a part of the course, students must find at least two industry professionals to interview with a view to learning more about the roles those people are in, how they got there, what up-and-coming professionals need, and other information the students will need to break into the esports market.

Ben ‘FooJee’ Watley

While the course is open to everyone, SMWW have stated that their expected audience is one that is primarily made up of young males aged 18-35, who have some involvement in gaming from playing games, to following teams, watching streams, attending  events, and so forth. Sports Management Worldwide has partnered with to assist course graduates with finding a role in the esports industry following the completion of the course. 

Ben ‘FooJee’ Watley, who is leading the course, has been a professional gamer, coach, team manager, developer, and entrepreneur. Watley was the Co-Owner of California based org GankStars, and he has also worked at the likes of Echo Fox and Super Evil Megacorp, the latter in the position of Head of Esports. 

He is now is a self-employed consultant for esports companies and teams wherein he brings his extensive knowledge-base to the table. On his involvement with the Business of Esports course, he stated: “Becoming a knowledgeable, unique, and trusted resource in esports can be difficult. Half the battle is knowing what’s possible and where new opportunities exist. The other half is simply keeping up with just how fast everything is moving. Regardless of where one might end up in the industry, future leaders will be those that took the time to develop a well-rounded understanding for what makes competitive gaming successful.”

Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide commented: “I never imagined I’d see esports grow and become the powerhouse it is today, and I think it will continue to grow and flourish in our current environment. We are so excited to be apart of the esports industry with our Business of Esports course and we look forward have our grads go on to live out their dreams.” 

The class is limited to 20 students, with some spaces still remaining; you can head to this link to find out more and register. 

Disclaimer: This piece is sponsored by Sports Management Worldwide