Dignitas drops the ‘Team’ to start afresh

31 October 2018


International esports organisation Team Dignitas has announced its new identity following a rebrand – moving forward it’ll be known simply as Dignitas.

Along with the new name is a new logo, which sources its inspiration from Roman history. It encompasses both the Owl of Ancient Rome and the organisation’s “own rich history and character”.

As well as the new branding, Dignitas has unveiled a brand new range of jerseys and apparel in partnership with athletic brand Champion.

Michael Prindiville, CEO of Dignitas discussed the rebrand in a statement: “The esports ecosystem is changing rapidly. Evolving and broadening our name from ‘Team Dignitas’ to ‘Dignitas’ provides us the strategic breadth to best execute our competitive team business, but also pursue new verticals in the gaming world. Our fans were constantly asking about the root of the word ‘Dignitas’; the refresh has been the perfect vehicle to explain.

“We were drawn to the concept of ‘prestige,’ and the connectivity between an individual’s actions and successes in life and the success of the greater organization. In striving for excellence as individual players, teams, influencers, brands and executives – we lift our collective self.”

Dignitas Jerseys
Dignitas Jerseys

Earlier this week, Dignitas announced a personnel change in two major departments. Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player and world champion Heather “sapphiRe” Garozzo has been promoted from Director of Fan Engagement to Vice President of Marketing, whereas Maurice Eisdenmann has been appointed as Vice President of Business Development.

Esports Insider says: At first, the owl branding seemed like some elaborate Halloween prank – it is October 31st after all. Once you take the origins of “dignitas” as a word into account, it’s clear that some thought has gone into this rebrand. We hope the organisation as a whole can thrive under this new identity as it continues to field some solid teams across a number of titles.

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