eFighting League launches website ahead of first event

04 December 2018


eFighting League (eFL) – the esports league involving professional MMA fighters – has launched its website ahead of its inaugural event, eFL One.

eFL.gg houses an explanatory video for the competition and has a countdown for the very first event at the Troxy London, among other features.

eFighting League

The website will build up anticipation for eFL One, as well as providing information on events that are planned and announced in the future. The eFL also hosts tournaments for the community, and those can be found on the website too.

eFL One is the very first event to be operated and hosted by the League, which was announced on October 31st. Held on December 29th, it will see MMA fighters and celebrities come together to compete on two teams.

The title fight at the Troxy London is between Mark “Super Somoan” Hunt’s team and Ben “10” Nguyen’s team, the match is said to be replicating the “atmosphere of a real MMA fight”. With action taking place on both Street Fighter and Tekken, the winning team will be presented with a championship belt.

Umesh ‘aperezane’ Perera, Founder of the eFighting League commented: “I have been so proud and humbled by the sheer wall of traffic on Twitch, and was equally surprised at the response on social media across all of our accounts: totalling up 1.1 million unique interactions.”

The eFighting League is said to have confirmed events for USA, Thailand, and Russia in 2019.

Esports Insider says: With so much going on with eFL One, following events, and community tournaments, it makes complete sense to have a central hub for everything that’s going on. The eFighting League offers something a tad different to other companies so it’s good to see it pushing through with moves such as this to further cement its own space in the industry.

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