Method announce partnership with Corsair

UK based multigame organisation Method has announced a new partnership with PC peripherals and component producer Corsair.

The deal will encompass all Method teams’, Method currently hold rosters in the following – World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Rocket League, PUBG, Street Fighter V, Injustice 2, Battalion 1944 and FIFA 19. As part of the partnership, Corsair will provide mechanical keyboards, precision mice, mouse pads and headsets.

Method’s recent victory at BlizzCon 2018 – Credit – @Warcraft

Scott McMillan, Method Co-owner, Co-founder, had this to say: “We couldn’t start 2019 in a better way here at Method, I am absolutely thrilled to welcome CORSAIR on board as a partner. CORSAIR will be supporting our players, streamers, and Method events going into 2019. On a personal note, I love what CORSAIR has been doing at gaming events the past year, the people are great, the acquiring of Elgato really showed how in touch they are with the gaming community and the future of professional streaming. I don’t think there is a peripheral company that could be a better fit for Method, and I am very happy with this partnership. Here’s to a great 2019!”

It’s been a busy few months of Method, announcing deals with We are Nation, WoWhead, Vertagear, MSI and Kensington since the organisation’s huge success in their World of Warcraft exploits.

Frank Fields, CORSAIR Program Manager, Esports and Sponsorships, added: “Method has been a staple of the World of Warcraft community for over a decade and we’re honoured to work alongside them. We’re excited to bring new content plans to fruition during our partnership and we can’t wait to show the gaming community what’s next.”

Esports Insider says: Method has quietly become one of the most relevant teams’ in esports in the last year, with its success across a multitude of title whilst still remaining an untouchable force in World of Warcraft. Clearly, Corsair and their other partners see 2019 being yet another big year for the UK based organisation.

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