Nova Esports partners with Taiwanese organisation Monster Shield

08 January 2019


Mobile-focused esports organisation Nova Esports has partnered with Taiwanese organisation Monster Shield after “intensive discussion”, launching Nova Monster Shield.

The aim of the deal is to “create an exciting future for Taiwanese esports” through the combination of Nova Esports’ “international brand and experience” and Monster Shield’s “local knowledge and infrastructure”.

Nova Monster Shield

The two organisations have joined forces to develop and strengthen esports in Southeast Asia – specifically in China, Taiwan, and Macau. As well as housing teams that represent the newly-found Nova Monster Shield brand, they will collaborate on content together.

The first event that Nova Monster Shield will compete in is the PUBG Asia Invitational in Macau, taking place over January 10-12th. This will be followed by the Garena Challenger Series Spring season, which commences on January 20th.

Alan, Co-founder of Monster Shield commented on the partnership: “Our first step is to continue to work hard with our players, strongly adhering to our original mission, hoping to bring glory to Taiwan.”

Prior to the deal, Nova Esports competed in Clash Royale, Arena of Valor, PUBG Mobile, and Vainglory, whereas Monster Shield housed teams in Overwatch, Arena of Valor, and PUBG.

In December last year, Nova Esports won the Clash Royale League World Finals in Tokyo, Japan. Esports Insider attended the event and published a comprehensive review of the title’s biggest tournament yet. We also interviewed Tim Ebner, Head of Esports at Supercell – the developer of the mobile game.

Esports Insider says: Nova Esports is well established in the world of mobile esports so Monster Shield has a lot to gain by partnering with the organisation in such a way. The identity of the brand looks great and we hope this deal does indeed strengthen the esports scene in the aforementioned areas.

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