Sharkoon Technologies & Eintracht Frankfurt foster local partnership

German manufacturer Sharkoon Technologies has partnered up with Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt to provide the gaming peripherals for their esports division.

Image Credit: Sharkoon Technologies

Hailing from Pohlheim, Sharkoon Technologies is a global manufacturer of PC components and gaming peripherals. Less than an hour’s drive away is German Bundesliga side Eintracht Frankfurt, who are building an esports program not just confined to FIFA.

The partnership between the two will see Sharkoon equipping the Frankfurt Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) with the latest gear and their trademark SKILLER SGS4 gaming seats. Frankfurt’s VBL side is spearheaded by Maik “Sn0wGoogles” Kubitzki and Marko “Makibest” Mihaljevic, who currently sit at fifteenth place. Additionally, the club’s League of Legends team will be kitted out with a suite of Sharkoon gear, including chairs, mouse pads, keyboards, mice, and headsets.

The partnership between the two is born not just out of their relationship as organisations from the Hesse region, but their ethos in esports also. In a recent press release, both parties expressed their commitment to a sustainable basis of community, passion, and ability.

On the partnership, Tim Jäger, who heads Eintracht Frankfurt’s digital strategy as Advisor to the Executive Board stated, “With Sharkoon we have found a local partner who already has expertise in esports and can provide us with the ideal foundation for our players. These are exciting times for us – and we are looking forward to that.”

Andrei Lyamin, Director of Product Development & Marketing at Sharkoon Technologies was similarly excited about what the future holds, “The cooperation with Eintracht Frankfurt Esports is a big win for both sides: Eintracht has the talents and we have the right know-how and equipment. We are looking forward to the future.”

Esports Insider says: This connection between the two geographically close organisations seems to be following a growing trend in the German scene. This is particularly the case with football club owned esports teams, such as the recent partnership between HSV and Porsche Hamburg. It will be interesting to see whether this more localised, semi-grassroots approach takes root in the German esports space.