PENTA Sports announce partnership with bespoke headphone makers Hörluchs

PENTA Sports has announced a partnership with Hörluchs, a German-based manufacturer of tailor-made earmoulds, audiophiles, hearing aids and in-ear audio products.

Hörluchs prides itself on its products being “Made in Germany”, the company already works with professional musicians, racing companies and has begun making moves within esports, with the partnership with PENTA Sports being the latest. As part of the deal, PENTA will use Hörluchs’ ‘InEars’ that are tailor-made to its players’ needs.

Hörluchs partners with PENTA Sports to provide in-ear support
Credit – @hoerluchs

Dennis H.-Schulz, Manager for PENTA Sports, said: “We are pleased to officially announce the cooperation with HÖRLUCHS. Behind closed doors, some players were already familiar with the products. The feedback from the bank was positive, and at the next events, we are looking forward to playing with the in-ears of Hörluchs. But the highlight for our community and our fans will follow in a few weeks.”

Hörluch has already been working with a number of esports organisations including the likes of FC Nordsjælland esports, Sprout and BIG before adding PENTA to the growing list. While PENTA have previously agreed deals with Sunmaker, NETGEAR and TSV 1860 Munich.

PENTA 1860
PENTA teamed up with TSV 1860 Munich earlier this year

Moritz Boesler, Hörluchs, had this to say about the deal: “We are pleased to welcome PENTA, now another top organisation in the German esport, as a partner on our side. From their professional appearance and the performance of the various teams and players, we were immediately pleased, so we quickly realised in initial talks that we have very similar visions.

As the equipment, especially the sound, is playing an increasingly important role in eSports and nuances games decide, we are happy to provide the boys with the best in-ear sound and support. We look forward to a very exciting and exciting future and look forward to a successful partnership.”

Something not confirmed in the deal was whether PENTA Sports would have its logo placed on special edition variants of Hörluchs products, such unique products have been released for BIG and YouTuber Trilluxe.

Esports Insider says: This is a big partnership for PENTA Sports, especially as it’s not only an endemic brand but one based in Germany, meaning more local support for its organisation. The fact Hörluchs has a trend of releasing special edition team products is also an important step for PENTA Sports to grow its brand.