Rumble Gaming acquires MKM Esports to create esports talent agency

Esports talent agency and media platform Rumble Gaming has acquired talent agency MKM Esports. 

The acquisition now sees Rumble Gaming feature over 300 professional esports teams, players, venues, streamers, and content creators. Among them include esports organisations, Lazarus and Rogue

Image Credit – Rumble Gaming

Micheal Cotton, founder of Rumble Gaming, will remain in his role as Cheif Executive Officer. Cotton is also Managing Director of Zone Startups Sports + Media, Canada’s largest sports and media technology.

“As a fully integrated media company, we’ll have the capacity to produce top-tier esports content, build a centralized platform, and create additional distribution channels for our clients and partners,” said Cotton, adding: “With the video game industry exceeding $100 billion in global revenue, sponsors, organisations, and investors are increasingly shifting their attention and budgets toward the world of esports and content creation.”

Rumble Gaming is backed by Sygnus Corp., the investment vehicle of media entrepreneur Len Asper. Asper, whose media experience spans over 25 years, will serve in an advisory role as Chairman of the Board and look to leverage his reach and relationships with consumers, advertisers, and platforms to augment partnership opportunities for Rumble Gaming.

“As a fully integrated media company, we’ll have the capacity to produce top-tier esports content”

“The esports industry has expanded to mirror the business models in traditional sports industries, including franchising rights, event management, player representation, and audience monetization through advertising. However, a market gap exists in media offerings at the intersection of digital and linear media and clients’ desire to reach their preferred target.” said, Josh Marcus co-founder of MKM and new Chief Operating Officer of Rumble Gaming

“This merger gives us the resources necessary to scale and compete with any agency and media arm in the world.” said, Evan Kubes co-founder of MKM Esports and new President of Rumble Gaming.

Esports Insider says: It will be interesting to see how Rumble Gaming utilises their access to a huge pool of talent across various organisations and Twitch streamers. If they want to create ‘top-tier content’ then looking at how the likes of Betway esports and Spacestation Gaming have done it might be a good place to start.

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