Dignitas announce Caffeine as its exclusive broadcast partner

Dignitas has announced Caffeine as its exclusive broadcast partner. The multi-year partnership will see all official Dignitas team-focused content live streamed on Caffeine.

“We are excited to welcome Dignitas, its teams, players, and dedicated fans to our growing community,” said Ben Keighran, Founder and CEO of Caffeine. “Dignitas can now create truly interactive live shows that bring its players and teams closer to the fans — content that can only exist on Caffeine’s zero delay streaming platform.”

Dignitas and Caffeine will produce original digital series that highlight popular teams, including Dignitas’ World Championship-winning Rocket League and female CS:GO teams. Caffeine will also become the official broadcasting partner for Dignitas’ upcoming influencer initiative that will produce original content and live shows. 

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Michael Prindiville, CEO of Dignitas, said: “In Caffeine, we have found a partner that not only shares our love for gaming and esports but sports, music and pop culture as well. The confluence of these verticals is where the future of the industry is going. With features like live hosting, Caffeine is revolutionising the live streaming game. We couldn’t be more excited to unveil our new diversified content offerings around this platform.” 

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“I see a future where traditional sports fans absorb live sports content just like gamers do – through the eyes and voice of their favourite influencers – creating yet another meaningful advancement in both the evolution of media and the bridge between sports and gaming.”

Caffeine, which is still in pre-release, features a rapidly growing catalogue of interactive gaming and esports content. This partnership will see Dignitas’ streamers and players from Dignitas’ CS:GO Female, Rocket League, SMITE, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Apex Legends and Clash Royale teams all broadcast on the platform. 

Esports Insider says: Caffeine continues to make more moves in the esports world. Partnerships with organisations like Dignitas will be key in helping them rival the likes of Twitch. We look forward to seeing what unique content this partnership will produce.