Kappa Bar to open fifth location in Uppsala

Swedish esports bar chain, Kappa Bar has announced plans to open their fifth establishment in Uppsala, Sweden.

Kappa Bar offers gamers a place to watch the biggest esports events with friends, as well as a restaurant & bar set-up alongside its game zones. The chain was founded by Henric Lettberger and Klas Bergqvist, with recent investment in the bar from NiP and Esports legend Emil “Heaton” Christensen.

The new location joins their other locations in Stockholm, Göteborg, Jönköping and Malmö.

Kappa Bar Jönköping

Back in November we spoke to Klas Bergqvist, Co-founder of Kappa Bar and this is what he had to say about future expansion: “We are working to have 10-12 signed Kappa Bars by the end of 2019 and 6-7 restaurants up and running.”

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Emile “HeatoN” Christensen, is also involved in the Kappa Bar as an investor and shareholder. He had this to say about the new location: “I am extremely proud that we now have the opportunity to open up a location in Uppsala. Uppsala has previously been a strong player in esport and that Kappa Bar comes to town obviously means plenty for all of us esporters.”

Kappa Bar is franchised throughout Sweden, and franchises are a core part of Kappa Bar and what makes them tick.

“It’s a bit of a dream come true, said Peter Lindström, franchisee of the Uppsala location. “I have wanted to open a Kappa Bar since the first time I visited their restaurant in Stockholm. This is the future, and it comes at the right time.”

Esports Insider says: Kappa Bar is continuing to expand, which is a great sign for esports fans in Sweden. As the company grows, it seems like only a matter of time before we see Kappa leave Sweden and open a location in another part of Europe. For now, however, Kappa has perfectly placed to fulfil the needs of esports and bar-goers in Sweden alike.

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