Sterling.VC launches esports venture Andbox

Sterling.VC, the owner of Overwatch League franchise New York Excelsior (NYXL), has launched Andbox.

Andbox is now the parent company of New York Excelsior and Sterling.VC’s yet-to-be-announced Call of Duty franchise.

Image credit: Andbox

Scott Wilpon, Co-founder of Andbox commented in a release: “Following the launch of NYXL and our new Call of Duty franchise, we’ve received a tremendous amount of support from our fans, but we recognize that New Yorkers – and gamers everywhere – are still hungry for a deeper, more meaningful connection to esports. We’re incredibly excited to launch Andbox to help people find exciting new ways to self-identify and express themselves as gamers.”

As well as housing esports franchises, it will prioritise apparel. Maxwell Osborne and Dao-Yi Chow, who co-founded the New-York based fashion label Public School, will serve as Creative Directors for the new venture. The company’s first collection will be available in the summer.

Rohit Gupta, Co-founder of Andbox also discussed the venture: “In New York, we have a unique opportunity to grow and unite the gaming community both on a local and global stage, and we’re confident that Andbox will continue to raise the bar by celebrating gamers on a scale rarely seen in this industry.”

Andbox will also host events based on a number of esports titles and create content to “foster New York’s diverse gaming communities.”

Esports Insider says: It’s good to see Sterling Equities set itself up properly to adopt esports. New York isn’t typically known as an esports hub but it has a dedicated audience so catering to it makes sense.

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