Techniker Krankenkasse named as health partner for ESL championship

ESL has announced a two-year partnership with Techniker Krankenkasse which sees the company named the official health partner for the ESL championship.

Over the next two years, visitors to events such as the ESL Arena at Gamescom 2019 and ESL One Hamburg 2019 can expect onsite activations. The focus of the events will be to help highlight gamers mental and physical condition. For players and fans, there will be advice for the health-conscious handling of PC and console and the optimal preparation for big games.

Bernhard Mogk, SVP Global Sales and Business Development at ESL said: “Our joint commitment with the Techniker Krankenkasse covers all performance levels in the Esports and integrates perfectly into our national ESL ‘Zero-to-Hero’ ecosystem.

“The TK University Open also strengthens another amateur field, which so far offers few opportunities for players. We are looking forward to working with TK as health partner and are looking forward to their debut ESL Championship and ESL One Hamburg.”

Techniker Krankenkasse has also founded the TK University Open. The tournament, which is aimed at university students, will be played using the ESL Play tournament platform. The grand finals will then take place in the ESL Arena at Gamescom 2019. 

ESL One Hamburg Euronics
Photo credit: ESL One

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“As more and more people plunge into virtual worlds, it is up to us, as a health insurer, to bring the health aspects of trend sports into the discussion. In order to stay healthy, it is enormously important for athletes to supplement their training with physical activity.” commented, Dr. Jens Baas, CEO of TK. 

“Physical fitness and a balanced diet clearly influence the performance in Esport: Good esports players train as much offline as they do online. And since elite sport always has a signal effect for grassroots sport, we should also actively use it as a health partner.” 

Esports Insider says: It’s great to see a big organisation like ESL highlight the importance of mental and physical health within the games industry. Having onsite events at tournaments such as ESL One Hamburg allows players/fans to get involved, ask questions and share advice. Great stuff!