Team Flash names Fitlion as official nutrition partner

Asian organisation Team Flash has announced a partnership with Singapore-based health and fitness platform Fitlion.

The deal covers Team Flash’s current and future esports athletes in Southeast Asia and sees Fitlion become the organisation’s official nutrition partner.

Team Flash Fitlion
Image credit: Team Flash

Each Team Flash esport athlete will receive their own fully customised package from Fitlion each and every month. The package will include personalised nutritional supplementation, energy snacks, healthy ready-to-eat meals, and protective performance glasses. 

Terence Ting, CEO of Team Flash discussed the deal in a release: “After a great 2018, we’ve been working on several partnerships and today we are proud to announce the first of many exciting announcements. Fitlion shares the same passion and values as Team Flash to educate and integrate nutrition into the daily lives of our esports athletes, to enhance not only performance but also well-being. It is extremely important that the best care is provided to our players as they go through the demands of a gruelling season of training and mental stress.” 

Prior to the start of a competitive season, Team Flash’s players will undergo a screening that includes a DNA test to further customise their nutrition plan and routines on the lead up to both local and international tournaments.

Alina Uchida, Director of Innovations & Projects of Fitlion also commented on the partnership: “Fitlion is proud to provide Team Flash with our personalised nutrition and wellness programme. It is an exciting time for Esports, and a new generation of athletes. We aim to instil healthy dietary and lifestyle habits in these young players, while taking care of their pain points, to optimise their competitive edge.”

Team Flash is also partnered with Singapore Sports Hub, Lagardère Sports Singapore, DXRacer, HUYA, and Logitech G.

Esports Insider says: Nutrition brands are slowly but surely becoming commonplace in esports. With the harsh demands for players to make sure they are always on top of their game, it’s important that they take care of their health. It’s great to see that Team Flash is making it a priority for all of its players moving forward.