Team Liquid appoints Newzoo as market intelligence partner

15 August 2019


Netherlands-based esports organisation Team Liquid has announced games and esports analytics provider Newzoo as its market intelligence partner.

Newzoo will provide insights on the esports industry to assist with decision-making, and in turn will receive input on its research from the organisation.

Team Liquid Newzoo
Image credit: Newzoo

Victor Goossens, Co-CEO of Team Liquid commented on the partnership: “One of the first things I learned during my time as a professional StarCraft player was the importance of scouting. If you know what’s happening around you, you can react appropriately and make the right calls for the situation at hand. This lesson has served as a basic principle for how we run our team; with the right knowledge and information, we can put Team Liquid in the best position possible for success both in and out of the server.

“This partnership with Newzoo adds their market intelligence and expertise to our collective knowledge-base and experience. In the same way that we take pride in giving our players the platform they need to win, our goal here is to provide our staff with the tools and insight necessary to make smarter decisions, which ultimately leads to continued success.”

Team Liquid is also partnered with AlienwareSAP, Honda, Twitch, Jersey Mike’sBlood Centers of AmericaHUYAMarvel Entertainment, HyperX, MAXNOMIC by NEEDforSEAT, and Monster Energy.

Peter Warman, CEO and Co-founder of Newzoo added: “I’m thrilled that Newzoo is partnering with Team Liquid! This partnership is special to me for many reasons. Not only is Team Liquid home to some of the most successful esports teams in the world, but it has also helped build up esports from the ground through its early-day efforts in StarCraft and community platforms such as TLnet and Liquipedia. The Newzoo team looks forward to supporting their ongoing success and growth. For us, this partnership is a key element in our ongoing effort to ensure the highest level of accuracy in our actuals-based forecasting and reporting.”

Newzoo works with recognisable brands such as HyperX, Facebook, Google, ESL, Microsoft, Unikrn, and Red Bull. Advance Publications acquired a majority share in the firm late last year.

Esports Insider says: Newzoo does a lot of great work in esports and, likewise, Team Liquid is a leader in the industry. With the organisation now working with both SAP and Newzoo, it’s well-equipped to make some measured and beneficial moves in the coming months.