Finalists announced for ESI London’s inaugural The Clutch

The Clutch – Presented by Esports Global Fund will come to life for the very first time at this year’s ESI London on 16-17th September.

The Clutch will provide a platform for nine esports companies to put themselves in front of an esteemed panel of investors and judges, as well as a live audience of ESI London attendees. It will connect those at various stages of fundraising with the judges who can provide guidance, mentorship, connections, and, perhaps, funding. One company will be crowned the winner at the end of the day, and walk away with The Clutch trophy, presented by Esports Global Fund. 

The application process provided Esports Insider with a plethora of promising and exciting companies to choose from – but only nine could make it through. The first stage is officially over, and now it’s time to meet the shortlisted companies for the inaugural edition of The Clutch!

The Clutch

The presenting partner for this year’s edition is Esports Global Fund, a European open-ended, global fund for the esports industry. Made up of investors, entrepreneurs, financiers, and gamers, EGF is available to a maximum of 150 investors, each committing a minimum of €125,000 (£114,625.53).

Meet the finalists


PlatformPlatform is a community of gaming and esports enthusiasts powered by smart venues and hubs, and is the first venue of its kind in the UK.

By creating a large network of smart hubs, Platform aims to cater for the different industry players – whether that be production companies, game developers, communities, or organisations – on a global scale.


OmnicoachOmnicoach is a coaching system built to help gamers become better players. It automatically detects key events in a gameplay video, producing detailed and accurate in-game performance analysis.

The platform provides personalized tips, practice exercises, and specific statistics on game-to-game bases in order to help gamers improve.



Edge’s goal is to be the ‘one-stop-shop’ for the esports industry by providing, contracts, payments, and data solutions.

The company plans to develop a platform with innovative and revolutionary technology – including blockchain – to allow esports the industry to scale rapidly and safely in a professional manner.


ShikensoShikenso is an IT startup with expertise in the field of artificial intelligence. It believes that as esports is growing, potential sponsors are trying to get into the market without the necessary knowledge and information.

The company believes its analytics tools and dashboard will help sponsors to get all necessary information on their campaigns and provide guidance on how to invest in esports.

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CaveaCavea is a sponsorship and audience analytics platform for esports and brands, quantify the sponsorship value between buyers and sellers.

It aims to become the catalyst and go-to-platform for esports teams, players, brands, and agencies by customizing its product to their needs.



Oddin creaties accurate and fast-paced live esports betting markets, supported by tailored risk management.

It plans to build a flexible infrastructure that will the support fast addition of any esports title and multiple fast-paced and engaging live markets.


StreamCruxStreamCrux is looking to create the leading global hub to connect hundreds of millions of viewers with millions of gaming streamers.

It aims to become the de facto platform that viewers utilise to discover streaming content through and interact with content creators while they are not streaming.


CyberDreamCyberDream has built an untethered social Virtual Reality application that pulls together gaming platforms and social applications into one place.

It envisions that the majority of applications used in VR will be launched through its application, especially in social situations.


G-ScienceG-Science is an esports performance company that aims to prevent burnout and poor health, both physically and mentally.

It has an athlete monitoring system that collects biometric, psychological, and cognitive data to identify areas for optimisation and provide players with personalised feedback.


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Meet the judges

The Clutch Judges

We’ve brought together an esteemed panel of judges with a variety of backgrounds, all of which qualifying them to deliver what these companies need to excel. Judging the finalists will be:

  • Malte Barth, Founding Partner of BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
  • Amit Jain, Esports Investor at Rewired.GG
  • Helen Gammons, Relationship Manager – Media & Entertainment Group at HSBC Private Bank
  • Spike Laurie, Venture Director at Hiro Capital
  • David Martin, Director – Investment Committee at Esports Global Fund