This week in Chinese Esports: Louis Vuitton, Huawei

24 September 2019


As part of our partnership with China Electronic Athletics, we’re now bringing you the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China every week. This week in Chinese esports saw technology company Huawei sponsor ESL’s Mobile Open and Louis Vuitton sponsor the League of Legends World Championship.

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Huawei becomes the official sponsor of Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open 

ESL 5G Mobile Open
Image credit: ESL

ESL named Huawei Technologies as the sponsor of its Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open. Huawei Mate 20x 5G mobile phones will be used for all competitions in the open.

ESL stated that the Vodafone 5G ESL Mobile Open will be the first international live esports final on the 5G network. It also mentioned that Huawei’s Kirin 5G chipset and Vodafone’s 5G network in Milan when explaining the technologies applied in this tournament.

Different from the past, esports is becoming one of the necessary test areas for advanced technology, which means esports is gradually integrating into daily lives. Just like the previous selling points with the likes of camera phones and music, esports is becoming a new selling point in the 5G business.

China Electronic Athletics says: For Huawei, it’s important to help customers quickly understand the advantages of their products. This development is not only important for the 5G business, but also for the promotion of Huawei’s new operating system.

Riot Games partners with Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton League of Legends World Championship
Image credit: Riot Games

Riot Games announced a partnership with French fashion house and luxury retail company Louis Vuitton. LV will create a one-of-a-kind trophy travel case for the World Championship as part of the deal. Champion skins and other digital assets from LV’s Artistic Director of Women’s collections will be unveiled soon.

China Electronic Athletics says: Just like the collaboration between Riot Games and Nike, numerous tangible benefits will be brought to the esports industry when top non-endemic brands enter the industry. To achieve the ideal win-win collaboration between sponsors and organisations, it is vital for event organisers to provide good services for sponsors to maintain the sponsorships.

All event organisers are facing a new challenge: can they provide good services for sponsors? It’s believed that these top non-endemic brands will create considerable profits for the esports industry as long as the organisers can deliver on this challenge.

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