Hitmarker enters charitable partnership with Gamer Advantage

22 November 2019


UK-based esports job platform Hitmarker has announced a partnership with gaming wellness company Gamer Advantage.

Charities Gamers Outreach and SpecialEffect stand to benefit from the deal, with a portion of all proceeds going their way.

Hitmarker Gamer Advantage
Image credit: Hitmarker

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The deal will see Hitmarker promote Gamer Advantage’s products through its website and social media channels, with the job platform’s users receiving a discount on Gamer Advantage eyewear in return.

Richard Huggan, Managing Director of Hitmarker discussed the partnership: “We’re always on the lookout for outstanding products and services aimed at esports and gaming fanatics to promote to our users. When we discovered Gamer Advantage we knew we had to reach out and get a deal done. We truly believe in their products and hope they’re as much of a hit with our audience as they have been in our office. We’re also delighted to be able to partner up with SpecialEffect at the same time, having seen the fantastic work they do for gamers here in the UK first-hand.”

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Gamers Outreach already receives a portion of proceeds from Gamer Advantage, and Hitmarker has established a similar relationship with SpecialEffect to ensure charities in both the United States and United Kingdom benefit from the newly-established partnership.

Bryan Reedy, Founder of Gamer Advantage added: “I started Gamer Advantage because I couldn’t sit back and watch my community be misled when it comes to the story of blue light and the impact it has on your health. We are extremely cautious when it comes to partnerships because our message is very specific and important. Hitmarker is a perfect platform to tell our story.

“We take wellness very seriously, and we believe the eyes of a gamer deserve protection at the same level a hockey player deserves a helmet. Our family has over 40 years of eye care experience and it shows in our product. Our technology and claims are backed by science, not clickbait and at the end of the day, we are grateful that we can give back to organizations such as SpecialEffect and Gamers Outreach Foundation.”


Tom Donegan, Fundraising Team Leader at SpecialEffect also commented on the deal: “We are delighted to join forces with Hitmarker and Gamer Advantage as their UK charity partner. SpecialEffect would simply not exist without the support of gamers and the wider games industry, who have a real empathy with the work we do. The funds generated through this partnership will enable us to help more severely disabled people to get back in the game, with all the positive outcomes this brings. Thank you!”

Earlier this month, Hitmarker raised 250% of its equity crowdfunding target in just six days. The target of the campaign was £80,000 for 4 percent equity, though the company set a cap of £200,000 for 9.43 percent equity and successfully met it.

Esports Insider says: Hitmarker appears to have the industry in mind whenever it makes a move, and this partnership reinforces that idea. Ensuring that a UK-based charity is involved, in addition to supporting a US-based charity, shows that it’s incredibly mindful of what it’s doing. Even when entering a partnership, others are benefiting financially. Bravo to all parties involved!

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