This week in Chinese esports: Peacekeeper Elite League

05 November 2019


As part of our partnership with China Electronic Athletics, we’re now bringing you the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China every week. This week in Chinese esports saw the launch of the Peacekeeper Elite League, the nation’s first professional PUBG Mobile league.

First Chinese PUBG Mobile professional league PEL kicks off

Peacekeeper Elite League
Photo credit: Peacekeeper Elite League

On Oct. 31st, Peacekeeper Elite League (PEL), the first Chinese PUBG Mobile professional league, was held in Xi’an. The league includes a qualification stage, a promotion stage, and the grand final. 50 teams will participate in the qualification stage with only 15 teams moving on to compete in the grand final.

China Electronic Athletics says: The announcement of PEL kicking off could be a sign of things to come for the operation of battle royale games in China. For PEL, it still needs to address numerous problems with the likes of opening franchises and providing a better spectator experience.

The LoL World Championship and the Dota 2 International have attracted the most attention from the esports community, although the sales of mobile games have now exceeded PC games. As one of the most popular mobile games in China, it is interesting to see that whether PEL can make a miracle in the mobile esports scene with PUBG Mobile.

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