This week in Chinese esports: Beijing-Haidian, Shanghai

12 November 2019


As part of our partnership with China Electronic Athletics, we’re bringing you the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China every week. This week in Chinese esports saw Shanghai announced as the host of next year’s LoL World Championship and Beijing-Haidian release new digital policies.

Beijing-Haidian releases multiple policies to support digital cultural industry

Beijing-Haidian releases multiple policies
Photo credit: The Beijing News

The Publicity Department of The People’s Government of Beijing-Haidian District and the cultural and innovative institute of Tsinghua University jointly hosted a seminar about developing the local digital cultural industry.

The seminar published a number of supportive policies and several digital cultural projects were signed at the conference. The supportive policies will help the gaming industry and esports industry with researching and developing games, introducing game companies and esports clubs, building esports venues, and organising tournaments.

China Electronic Athletic says: It’s not surprising to see Beijing-Haidian publish policies to support the esports industry as it just successfully organised IEM with ESL. The supportive policies from Beijing-Haidian may become a new option for Chinese practitioners to develop esports. More importantly, as the birthplace of China’s Silicon Valley, Beijing-Haidian has already established an industrial chain to develop esports.

Shanghai to host LoL World Championship 2020 final

FPX Worlds 2019
Photo credit: Riot Games

 Shanghai was officially announced as the host of next year’s LoL World Championship finals, shortly following FunPlus Phoenix’s victory at this year’s event. After the Deputy Mayor of Paris completed the handover ceremony with the Director General of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, the Deputy Mayor of Shanghai welcomed all esports fans through a video.

China Electronic Athletic says: After Invictus Gaming won the LoL World Championship in 2018, Chinese LoL fans now tend to enjoy the whole experience instead of just focusing on the achievements of Chinese teams.

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