This week in Chinese esports: OnePlus, T1 China tour

26 November 2019


As part of our partnership with China Electronic Athletics, we’re bringing you the biggest headlines from the esports industry in China every week. This week in Chinese esports included the seventh KOC tournament, OnePlus sponsoring a PUBG Mobile league, and T1 announcing a Chinese tour.

Tencent Esports holds the seventh KOC in Hangzhou

Tencent Esports KOC
Image credit: Tencent

The final of the seventh amateur Honor of Kings tournaments, King of City (KOC), was held in Hangzhou. Tim Manley, Marketing Manager at Visit Manchester, attended the final and awarded the champions with signed Manchester City jerseys. The victors will also visit Manchester and Manchester City F.C.

From April to November, the tournament included 129 matches with a registered player base of over 75,000. Besides cooperating with 27 Chinese cities, the seventh KOC is the first league to apply 5G and other innovative technologies in China.

China Electronic Athletics says: With the launch of KGL, KOC has clearly positioned itself as the top amateur esports tournament in China. With the application of innovative technologies in the league, it will provide plenty of experience and reduce the risk for professional tournaments to try new technology.

OnePlus becomes the official partner of PUBG Mobile NA 2019-20 Season

Super League Gaming OnePlus
Logo credits: Super League Gaming, OnePlus

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus partnered with Super League Gaming for the 2019-20 season of its PUBG MOBILE North American Super League.

Kyle Kiang, CSO at OnePlus commented: “Super League offers direct access to a key customer base for OnePlus and provides a perfect complement to our professional esports partnerships. Many of our customers are PUBG Mobile gamers, so we work hard to make sure all of our devices deliver the best possible gameplay experience.”

China Electronic Athletics says: Currently, there are no problems when smartphone manufacturers sponsor esports tournaments and publicise partnerships. However, with more and more smartphone manufacturers entering esports, those missing out will blindly follow this trend.

We are not sure the partnership between OnePlus and Super League Gaming is an example for competitors to follow, but we know OnePlus’ marketing strategy has fully taken advantages of internet when compared with other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Therefore, the upcoming problem for OnePlus is whether it can truly provide excellent gameplay for players?

T1 LoL team announces 2019 T1 China tour

T1 China Tour
Image credit: T1

Korean esports organisation T1 announced that its League of Legends team will visit China and participate in several events from November 29th to Dececember 2nd. It’s the first time that T1 LoL will visit China since the team competed at the 2017 World Championship, and it is also the first time T1 Entertainment & Sports is launching offline events in China.

China Electronic Athletics says: In 2004, SK Gaming and NiP visited China. After 15 years, T1 has also announced its China tour. But for Chinese teams, when can they go abroad to launch their own offline events?

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