CSPPA enters agreement with ESL and DreamHack for Pro Tour

16 January 2020


ESL and DreamHack have signed a framework agreement with the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association (CSPPA) for the ESL Pro Tour.

The agreement is an effort to make sure the competitive circuit is mindful of professional players’ needs.

Logo credit: CSPPA, ESL

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Mads Øland, CEO of Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association explained the decision to formulate the agreement in a release: “The life of a professional CS:GO player revolves around tournament participation all over the world. This makes the working conditions of players in connection with tournaments a key priority of the CSPPA. In the current tournament landscape, ESL sets the industry standard for such working conditions and with this partnership ESL has committed to maintain and develop such standards in close cooperation with the CSPPA.

The agreement solidifies the working partnership between CSPPA, ESL and DreamHack and establishes the best possible basis for us to work together on elevating professional CS:GO to the benefit of all stakeholders involved and for the players to deliver a performance which meets the highest standards demanded by the global CS:GO community and the game and its 20 year legacy.”

The agreement is said to be an extension of ESL and DreamHack’s relationship with the association and incorporates all of the events that fall within the ESL Pro Tour. The competitive circuit links ESL and DreamHack tournaments through a series of over 20 events, culminating in IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne.

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The parties will work together to mutually agree on the governance of the circuit, business revenues, player rights, and obligations while at events. Not only that, they will cooperate on the events calendar so player breaks are left uninterrupted. The association will elect representatives to take part in the ESL Pro League Player Council.

Ulrich Schulze, Senior Vice President Product at ESL also touched on the alliance: “It was ESL’s priority over the last 24 months to ensure that CS:GO pros regard our tournaments as best in class. The natural extension of this effort is recognizing the CSPPA as a partner in improving the ESL Pro Tour. This partnership is a very important milestone for us, as well as a big step forward towards the future of the industry.”

Esports Insider says: The CSPPA has been seen as very vocal on behalf of CS:GO players and it’s good to see direct action being taken to ensure players are provided for while competing. It’s also positive to see tournament organisers be willing to agree to meet standards that benefit players participating in their events. 

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