FlyQuest announces Tricia Sugita as CEO and unveils headquarters

22 January 2020


North American organisation FlyQuest has promoted Tricia Sugita to become its new CEO and announced its new facility, The Greenhouse.

The organisation has also unveiled its initiative to “Go Green” for 2020 throughout its activations, jersey design, and marketing campaigns.

Tricia Sugita FlyQuest
Photo credit: FlyQuest

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Sugita served as the Chief Operating Officer at FlyQuest for over two years before transitioning to CEO, taking over from Ryan Edens – who will now act as President of the organisation.

Sugita commented on her new venture in a release: “I am honored and grateful to be the CEO of this organization that I care deeply about. The heart of FlyQuest is ‘greatness,’ and it drives everything we do. We’ve done a great job bringing in the right people and creating a culture that celebrates greatness. As CEO, my priority is to share our vision so everyone knows that what we do has purpose and ties back to our vision: Showcase Greatness. We want to inspire and attract people who pursue greatness and support others who do the same.”

FlyQuest The Greenhouse
Photo credit: FlyQuest

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The Greenhouse is FlyQuest’s new headquarters, a 7,000 square foot facility that houses rooms for practice, coaching, content production, meetings, and typical organisational needs. The green-coloured building is meant to represent its commitment to its “Go Green” initiative.

Sugita also commented on the new facility: “Players feel more involved with what we’re trying to create together, as they can really see how much we care about what we do. It’s early, but we are already seeing the positive effects on not just the players, but the business staff, too, of truly being united under one vision, one goal. They want to be here, they want to work hard, and they want to win.”

Esports Insider says: These are two big changes for FlyQuest, marking a new era for the organisation as we commence with the new decade. Going green is something we haven’t real seen in esports just yet so this should set FlyQuest apart from its competition a little, and it’ll be interesting to see what else Sugita implements moving forward in her new role as CEO.

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