North unveils changes to logo and organisational strategy

07 January 2020


Danish organisation North has announced a slew of changes across the board, including its logo and organisational strategy.

After undergoing a social media blackout on January 5th, the organisation unveiled the changes just two days later on January 7th.

North 2020 Rebrand
Logo credit: North

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North has updated its logo, keeping the essence of the identity intact while still changing the core design of both the graphic and the typeface. The reason behind the change, as well as other alterations that have been made, was that the “very foundation of the organization” had “critical elements” that needed addressing.

The organisation has hired performance coach Christian Engell to help with its “new professional approach” to competition. Engell will work alongside recent hire Graham Pitt in an effort to improve North’s competitive endeavours in 2020 and onwards.

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Alexander Pedersen, Chief Marketing Officer for North discussed the strategic changes in a release: “We have made significant changes to the way marketing is done at North, both by increasing our budgets substantially but also by professionalizing the team doing brand-marketing. We want to create a “why” to follow North, not just by doing what everyone else is doing.

“To be a top organization globally, you have to play the long game; creating brands takes a certain amount of endurance and commitment. Creating something that makes people actively selecting us as their organization to support; that’s what we want.”

Esports Insider says: We’re not sure that the new-look logo will be received well by fans and those in the industry but, if it’s supported by a new approach in every other department, then who knows just how much support the organisation will accrue in the coming months. Following Evil Geniuses’ rebrand and its poor reception, organisations will be very apprehensive to change their fundamentals moving forward – it’ll be interesting to see if this particular update works for or against that premise.

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