Esport Denmark names new advisory board

Esport Denmark (ESD), a federation for Danish esports, has named a new advisory board that features a host of prominent individuals from the industry.

Esport Denmark, which is a voluntary, non-profit organization supported by the Danish Ministry of Culture, also announced a new membership system with both free and paid options.

Esport Denmark names new advisory board
Logo credit: Esport Denmark

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Esport Denmark’s new advisory board consists of familiar faces from many facets of the industry, including esports organisations, tournament organisers, and broadcasters. The full board is as follows:

• Astralis Group: Jakob Kristensen (Co-founder & CCO) & Steen Laursen (Communications Director)
• North: Christopher Håkonsson (CEO) & Christian Slot (Press and Social Media Strategist)
BLAST: Jordi Roig (VP, Global Development & Executive Relations) & Nicolas Estrup (Director of Product & Experience)
• TV2: Kasper Alstrup (Editor, TV2 Zulu & TV2 Sport)
• MTG: Mads Lindemann (VP, Original Content & CPO of DreamHack Sports Games)
• Danish Business (Dansk Erhverv): Jasmina Pless (Chief Consultant for Entrepreneurship)
• Municipality of Odense: Jane Jegind (City and Culture Councillor)

Jakob Kristensen, Co-founder and CCO of Astralis Group, commented in a release: “I have been a part of the esports scene for many years and know that the foundation and spirit of esports is the grassroots. In recent years we have managed to attract investors of a completely different calibre than in the past; we have, among other things, succeeded in taking a leading position globally, in terms of results, business, and acting as international role models.

“If we as a nation and industry are to maintain and expand this position, it requires interaction and understanding among all esports stakeholders, and we hope to be able to contribute to the advisory board.”

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Far from simply featuring professional-grade teams, the new Esport Denmark board will attempt to help nurture all aspects of the entire esports industry, from amateur to professional.

Jordi Roig, Vice President, Global Development and Relations at BLAST, explained how the board aims to achieve its targets: “Our belief is that only by including the entire food chain can we create a sustainable and strong ecosystem. BLAST, formerly RFRSH, has always seen itself as an accelerator of the fantastic potential in Danish esports and we have, along the way and ad hoc, supported many projects, both with players in esports and with actors outside, to promote the many positive effects esports can create within health, business promotion and talent development.

“We are very positive about Esport Denmark’s new work on creating structure and direction, to bring esports in Denmark into the next phase of an already fantastic journey. Esport Denmark’s approach is unique and will help to secure Denmark’s leading position in global esports for many years into the future.”

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Esport Denmark has also unveiled a new membership scheme. Interested individuals can sign up through the ESD website, either through a free membership or with a 150 kroner (£17.40) annual subscription. Esport Denmark states that funds raised will go directly to supporting the country’s esports industry, though subscribers have some choice in where they direct their funds.

Esports Insider says: Denmark has long been a leading force in esports when it comes to competition, and the new board at Esport Denmark certainly has the pedigree to take the country’s industry to the next step. It will be interesting to what steps the board takes to help progress Danish esports even further.

Note: Quotes have been translated from Danish, with some minor edits for clarity.