Complexity Gaming partners with BALANCED Media|Technology

27 April 2020


North American organisation Complexity Gaming has joined forces with healthcare AI company BALANCED Media|Technology.

The cooperation will see Complexity Gaming donate “unused computer processing power to find potential treatments for the COVID-19 virus.”

Complexity Gaming BALANCED
Logo credits: Complexity Gaming, BALANCED

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The partners are challenging gamers to get involved with the initiative by downloading the HEWMEN Cell application. The partnership is said to allow more than 200,000 FDA-approved medications and compounds to be processed to see which are most effective in treating the virus.

Jason Lake, Founder and CEO at Complexity Gaming, spoke on the partnership in a release: “One of the core pillars of Complexity is Cause, and we’re always searching for ways that we can give back to our community. During these trying times, our partnership with BALANCED allows us to leverage the power of gaming and esports to help identify solutions that can potentially slow the spread of COVID-19 and ultimately help to save lives.”

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Complexity Gaming and BALANCED have worked together previously, conducting a medical research project as part of Complexity-Limit‘s Race to World First in World of Warcraft.

Robert M. Atkins, CEO at BALANCED, also commented: “Through our partnership with Complexity, we’ve come to realize that gamers are some of the most passionate and engaged individuals. By having the collective online community download HEWMEN, we can help to put a stop to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Esports Insider says: This seems like a great cause, it’s good to see Complexity Gaming get involved with the ongoing pandemic. We hope the initiative gets the uptake that they’re both looking for, once again proving that gamers are more than capable of helping others and banding together for a worthwhile cause.

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