DreamHack extends CORSAIR alliance through 2020

Gaming festival and tournament operator DreamHack has announced the renewal of its partnership with CORSAIR through the rest of 2020.

The sponsorship agreement applies to the DreamHack Masters and DreamHack Open Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, as well as DreamLeague for Dota 2.

Image credit: DreamHack

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Roger Lodewick, Co-CEO of DreamHack, commented in a release: “We are excited and proud to have CORSAIR continue our partnership in 2020. CORSAIR is a valued long-term partner of DreamHack and their continued commitment is a confirmatory sign of our joint commitment to grow our esports and gaming festivals around the world. On behalf of DreamHack and our community, I would like to thank CORSAIR for their continued support and look forward to a tremendous year ahead.”

The companies have been partnered since 2018. CORSAIR produces a number of gaming-related devices, including keyboards, headsets, mice and computer components. Additionally, CORSAIR subsidiary Elgato will be the official brand partner of DreamHack’s Stream Studio promotion at future festivals.

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Lauren Premo, Director of Gaming Marketing at CORSAIR, added: “CORSAIR has been a long-standing supporter of DreamHack live events and esports, growing together as the popularity of both has exploded. With esports seeing more viewership than ever during these uncertain times, this partnership reinforces CORSAIR’s commitment to DreamHack, its fans, and its competitors, both online and in-person.”

Esports Insider says: It’s unclear at this point whether the rest of DreamHack’s planned live events for 2020 will take place, given the COVID-19 pandemic, but the partnership still has considerable value for CORSAIR so long as eyeballs are pointed at online tournament streams.

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