Team oNe no longer operating Flamengo Esports

21 April 2020


Simplicity Esports and Gaming Company has confirmed to Esports Insider that Team oNe will no longer manage its Flamengo Esports brand.

As reported by ESPN Esports Brasil, the operational adjustment was made in an effort to ensure Flamengo Esports is sustainable on a long-term basis.

Flamengo Esports Team oNe
Photo credit: Riot Games

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Esports Insider has been informed that the decision was partly made to be sure that Flamengo Esports is in a good position to be accepted into the long-term partnership model that will be implemented in the CBLoL. The model will be similar to that seen in the LCS, LEC, and LPL.

Roman Franklin, President and COO of Simplicity Esports & Gaming Company, told Esports Insider: “Our goal is to be the top esports team in Latin America. In order to be best prepared for franchising in CBLoL, we have made improvements to our operational team and process in Brazil.”

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Simplicity Esports & Gaming Company is in a partnership with Team oNe, which includes a joint venture named Simplicity One, where they previously jointly-managed Flamengo Esports. Flamengo Esports’ supporting staff will now be contracted directly with Simplicity Esports & Gaming Company.

The report from ESPN Esports Brasil states that Team oNe retains a 10 percent ownership in the project, with Simplicity Esports & Gaming Company holding a 90 percent stake. It’s said that the agreement expires at the end of 2022.

Esports Insider says: It sounds like things are messy in Team oNe’s camp at the moment, with INTZ filing a lawsuit against the organisation to get a debt paid and several team-related issues as of late. With that in mind, it seems like a good decision by Simplicity to remove Team oNe’s involvement as much as possible while honouring the deal that’s in place.

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