Alliance adds Esports Charts to roster of partners

Swedish organisation Alliance has announced analytical agency Esports Charts as the latest addition to its roster of partners.

As part of the deal, Alliance is to gain analytical data to evaluate the decisions that the organisation makes.

Alliance Esports Charts
Image credit: Alliance

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Alliance isn’t the only organisation that has collaborated with Esports Charts in recent times. Fnatic and Team Liquid unveiled partnerships with the agency at the beginning of 2020, joining tournament organiser StarLadder and North American organisation TSM.

Kelly Ong, Chief Strategy Officer at Alliance, commented on the partnership in a release: “It is very important to have valuable insights and accurate data in our fast-evolving industry. Coupled with our long time data partner Newzoo, adding Esports Charts will help level up our game and provide more accountability to our existing or potential partners and sponsors. With this new partnership we can expect a comprehensive view and a deeper level of understanding, especially but not limited to, our professional matches and digital content.”

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Esports Charts becomes the fifth partner of Alliance, joining Razer, Twitch, Newzoo. and Monster Energy.

Sergii Rudenko, Head of Sales and Partnerships at Esports Charts, added: “Since the Viking times, northern nations have conquered not with quantity, but with skill. Alliance is not an exception. Our new partner possesses true Scandinavian determination, discretion, and a great will to win. With our new partner, we will gain even more confidence and work even harder to develop the esports market.”

Esports Insider says: Now armed with a wealth of data from Newzoo and Esports Charts, Alliance has the capabilities to plan its next moves with confidence, which may ultimately lead to an expansion into other titles or the acquisition of more partners to its roster.

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