British Rally Championship taps AMD and PCSpecialist for esports invitational

The British Rally Championship has tapped AMD and PCSpecialist as leading sponsors of its BRC Esports Invitational Series.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the British Rally Championship – much like many of its competition – has made the transition to sim racing while things are quieter than usual.

PCSpecialist x British Rally Championship

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PCSpecialist has been tapped as title sponsor of the championship, which utilises Codemasters title DiRT Rally 2.0 and commences on May 4th. The computer manufacturer partnered with British organisation Fnatic earlier this year.

Iain Campbell, Manager of British Rally Championship, commented on the event in a release: “We are excited to collaborate with PCSpecialist and AMD and the newly formed BRC Esports Invitational. The first round created a great deal of online buzz and excitement and we expect the second-round next week to be even more exciting. The set-up our competitors have at home is just as professional as their real rally cars and the products from PCSpecialist and AMD are just as cutting-edge – fitting perfectly with the growing popularity and professionalism of the British Esports series.”

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Running alongside the invitational is the Motorsport UK eBRC, an event that’s open to any holder of a Motorsport UK license. The tournament is said to be first esports competition to be recognised by the governing of motorsport in the UK.

Robb Boyd, Social Media and PR Specialist at PCSpecialist, added: “In the current climate we’ve seen a wide range of sporting events turn to the simulation environment. As fans of sim racing, we are excited to be sponsoring the BRC invitational, providing high performance specifications on the AMD platform.

“From competitive gaming to sim racing, we strive to bring our customers the best hardware to support this competitive environment. We hope this sponsorship will bring the same excitement of the BRC experience to the simulation racing scene.”

Esports Insider says: Motorsport has embraced esports and online competition in a big way during the current global situation. The sim racing explosion shows no signs of slowing down as more championships transition to the virtual world to get their fix of sporting action, much like we’re seeing her with the BRC.

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