Eastern Michigan University taps Gen.G for esports program

Multinational organisation Gen.G Esports has joined forces with the Eastern Michigan University to devise an esports program beginning in the autumn.

The multi-year agreement will result in a program that supports academic enrollment goals.

Gen.G Esports Eastern Michigan University
Photo credit: DreamHack

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Beginning on May 20th, the program will begin with Gen.G hosting online discussions and will include a “Women in Gaming Summer Camp” with the aim of attracting new students to the university. Late last year, the organisation partnered with the University of Kentucky to launch a program based upon gaming and esports.

Calvin Phillips, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs at Eastern Michigan University, discussed the partnership in a release: “We’re proud to be the first in Michigan to truly integrate esports and gaming into our campus life and offer our students a platform to find a community here. We know how important selecting a college or university is for a student, and we want to differentiate ourselves with a meaningful opportunity and educational platform at EMU.”

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The program will also feature the High School Invitational, a bi-weekly Super Smash Bros. tournament where high schools in the surrounding area will challenge the university’s Super Smash club in competitions that will be broadcast live on Twitch.

Jordan Sherman, Head of Revenue Operations at Gen.G Esports, added: “Gen.G continues its commitment to promote education as a viable place to take esports and gaming to the next level to connect their communities. We’re honored to have Eastern Michigan join the University of Kentucky and University of Pennsylvania within our family to provide competition, curriculum and connections.”

Esports Insider says: Having already established esports programs in other universities, Gen.G has made plenty of effort to ensure the industry has a solid pipeline of talent in the future. With this latest program at EMU, it looks to continue making a positive impact in the world of collegiate esports.

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