Astralis Group forges analytical partnership with Esports Charts

Danish organisation Astralis Group has partnered with Esports Charts, a data analysis firm that tracks statistics and trends in viewership at esports tournaments.

The deal extends across all three of Astralis Group’s brands: Astralis, Future FC and Origen.

Astralis Group Esports Charts
Logo credits: Astralis Group, Esports Charts

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The partnership will see Esports Charts provide Astralis Group with detailed analytics and up-to-date statistics for esports events and the three teams that compete under its banner.

Artyom Odintsov, CEO of Esports Charts, spoke on the alliance in a release: “We are for the stable development of the industry, so the determination of Astralis Group and our unique analytical service together will contribute to further change and prosperity of the esports market. Over the past few years, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team of Astralis has shown consistently high results in this discipline and even became the leader by viewership statistics in 2019. The sky is the limit!”

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In recent weeks, Astralis Group has established three-year deals with Danish sportswear brand hummel and Nordic bank application Lunar. Esports Charts, on the other hand, is partnered with the likes of FlashpointAllianceFnaticTeam LiquidStarLadder, and TSM.

Steen Laursen, VP of Comms and Brands at Astralis Group, added: “The fans of all our team brands are driven by passion and so are we. The business, however, is driven by metrics and KPIs and for any commercial partnership we enter, we want to be able to document the real value for the parties involved.”

“The cooperation with Esports Charts will enable us to deliver an even stronger product to all stakeholders, and we look forward to working with the organization and to fully roll out the partnership internally.”

Esports Insider says: With Esports Charts already dealing with a number of prominent esports organisations, this partnership is yet another vote of confidence in its offering. With Esports Charts’ insight, Astralis Group may be better able to understand how it can make the most of the audiences its brands play in front of at events.

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