International Esports Federation creates alliance with International School Sports Federation

South Korean non-profit organisation International Esports Federation (IESF) and International School Sports Federation (ISF) have signed a memorandum of understanding.

The agreement, which looks to promote healthy habits among esports players in high schools, will allow both parties to collaborate by combining their “knowledge, competencies, and efforts” in order to develop and execute a variety of projects.

International Esports federation and International School Sports federation
Credit: International Esports Federation

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The International Esports Federation is a global non-profit organisation founded in 2008 that includes 56 member nations. A new board of directors was elected in November of 2019.

Vlad Marinescu, President of International Esports Federation, spoke on the partnership in a release: “We strongly believe that this collaboration between IESF and ISF will achieve positive results for the benefit of youth in terms of entertainment, competition, and health. We hope that the achievements we reach together will be a good example not only for the youth but to all the gamers around the world.

“Our organizations have a rich history and a similar objective — to motivate youth to take part also in physical sport while having fun. This collaboration will be reinforced, also at the national level, providing a platform and unity in managing programs that reinforce responsible gaming, motivating youth to move and be healthy.”

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The deal with ISF comes after the IESF entered an agreement with the Asian Electronic Sports Federation in March and another with the World Esports Consortium in May.

Laurent Petrynka, President of International School Sports Federation, added: ”The MoU and the International Esports Federation (IESF) follow the vision of promoting physical activity and education among the eSports youth, incorporating exercise, running, and fun games into the eSport events. This is a historic step which combines live sports with sports in a virtual setting.

“We find this cooperation to be an innovative approach aiming to motivate the youth to get up, move, and take care of their mental, physical, and social health. This will be done through a series of competitions planned by ISF and IESF for the near future. Together with IESF, we are united in the Olympic spirit, a spirit of excellence, respect, and friendship, to build a new era of eSports among students all over the world.”

Esports Insider says: Varsity esports programs are creating a direct path to pro status for esports hopefuls. At the same time, esports organisations have recognized the importance of maintaining mental and physical health among its players for maximum performance and longevity. This partnership is an example of global organisations not only recognising this idea, but implementing solutions.

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