Nova Esports expands into India with GodLike Esports partnership

Hong Kong-based organisation Nova Esports has expanded into India through the establishment of a joint team with GodLike Esports.

Through the deal, Nova GodLike will compete in Tencent’s PUBG Mobile with an Indian roster.

Nova Esports GodLike
Credit: Nova Esports

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To Yeung, using PUBG Mobile to help encourage esports growth in India just makes sense. The organization is no stranger to mobile esports, and the opportunity for growth is huge. Due to the game’s low specification requirements, more people are able to play, and the game is influencing culture in ways that go beyond esports. Cafes and restaurants are even promoting the PUBG theme. The title has become a cultural landmark.

Anthony “AY” Yeung, CEO of Nova Esports, spoke on the reasoning behind the deal in an announcement: “PUBG Mobile is currently trending in the gaming section of India. It has surpassed other games in terms of popularity and revenue and made a place for itself in Indian pop culture. Even people who have not played the game would have seen and heard about it through various social media memes and posts.”

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Nova Esports has several goals it hopes to achieve through its new Nova GodLike brand, namely succeeding in global PUBG Mobile competitions, turning its players into public figures, attracting other organisations to the Indian esports market, and creating “high quality content for the community.”

Esports Insider says: The collaborative effort to help push PUBG Mobile esports in the spotlight in India is smart. India is said to contain 50 percent of the 32 million user base of PUBG Lite, and it makes sense for an organisation like Nova Esports to capitalise on the game’s popularity through local and global movements alike.

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