Vodafone Giants acquires fellow Spanish organisation x6tence

Spanish organisation Giants Gaming, known as Vodafone Giants through a naming rights deal, has acquired x6tence.

The acquisition follows on closely from Vodafone Giants raising €3 million (£2.7 million) in its latest funding round.

Vodafone Giants x6tence
Image credit: Vodafone Giants

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Vodafone Giants will integrate x6tence into its structure, onboarding the organisation’s managers and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive roster. The acquisition is said to be a “strategic movement that brings together in one company two of the most important emblems in Spain of the esports sector.”

José Ramón Díaz, CEO of Vodafone Giants, commented on the decision: “Giants Gaming has been consolidating an unprecedented market leadership position in recent years and we believe that it is time to make a change of pace and go a step further. With the acquisition of the X6tence brand and our incorporation into the project, we kick-start a new stage of hope where we will work like never before to reformulate the rules of esports.”

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Vodafone Giants has made a series of moves in 2020 in addition to its recent investment, partnering with Nike and Chupa Chups and renewing its deal with Font Vella.

Adrián Gómez, former CEO of x6tence, added: “For us, it has been key to know that X6tence changes owners but maintains its three main pillars intact: respect for its history, passion for a shield and the Firm respect for our hobby. Now is the time to work and return the club to the place it deserves. We return to our origins, and with Counter-Strike for flag, we will not rest until the X6tence fan feels pride in these colours again.”

Esports Insider says: Consolidation may be necessary given the unfortunate global situation, bringing together the operations of two organisations into one to increase foothold and reduce overall operational spend. Vodafone Giants has made significant strides in the past year and this is just another move to add to that ever-growing list.

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