Insight Media Fund appoints Samahoma Media Advisors to find investment opportunities

Insight Media Fund, a newly-created fund, has appointed Samahoma Media Advisors to help it to identify media opportunities in a post-COVID world. 

Focused on short-term investments that can generate long-term success, the Insight Media Fund has raised £1.5 million and funded five projects already. The fund is pursuing opportunities in gaming and esports but also TV, film, music, and live events.

Insight Media Fund
Credit: Insight Media Fund

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Joseph Kelly, Director of Insight Media Fund, said in the release: “We can contribute to revitalising parts of the media sector industry whilst generating our target returns for investors by backing smart people and projects in parts of it which have experienced strong, sustained and, in some cases, record growth over the last 10 years. We rely on Samahoma Media Advisors to help us make our choice of who and what to back. More and better content of all kinds – which may not otherwise have seen the light of day – can only be a good thing for everyone.”

For Samahoma Media Advisors, the decision for what to back relies on identifying industries able to thrive after the pandemic has subsided. Chief among them is esports. “We are looking for people that have a post-virus friendly play somewhere in the esports landscape,” said Bob Clarke, CEO of Samahoma Media Advisors to Esports Insider. “But we aren’t looking for people whose idea only works if we put £10 million behind it.”

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While not a steadfast rule, the fund typically invests between £50,000-£300,000 into each company. How exactly the virus will affect the world, and future business opportunities, is yet to be seen, but as esports was able to continue and online viewership skyrocketed, it proved itself as an industry insulated from some risks.

“The esports sector is post-virus friendly,” Clarke continued. “A lot of those people that we’re talking about, who pay for their consumption in one way or another, they are either going to be living at home with parents, underwritten, or they are going to be people who are perhaps not yet burdened by the wife and three kids don’t pay their mortgage or perhaps buying a house yet. They are people who are going to have disposable income.”

Esports Insider says: Considering esports as an industry is still largely propped up by investor capital, seeing that outside investors are still bullish in supporting esports is good for the industry. While there is still likely a correction coming, and the pandemic has hurt plenty of aspects of esports, the dramatic bubble popping some predicted may not be a reality.

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