MAD Lions partners with Crown Esports Nutrition

OverActive Media-owned Spanish esports brand MAD Lions has signed Crown Esports Nutrition as its latest partner.

Crown Esports Nutrition is a division of Crown Sport Nutrition, an already-established brand in traditional sports.

MAD Lions Crown Esports Nutrition
Credit: Riot Games

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According to a release detailing the agreement, MAD Lions and Crown Esports Nutrition “will work on developing products, habits and ways of working to increase player performance.”

Samuel de Luque, Co-owner of MAD Lions, spoke on the partnership in a release: “We are excited to be working with Crown Esports Nutrition, a brand that prioritizes scientific research and evidence in its products. We want to bring that knowledge they have and transfer it to the world of esports.

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Crown Sport Nutrition, the brand behind Crown Esports Nutrition, has previously collaborated with universities and conducted scientific studies to support its claims that its products are premium and maximise performance.

In recent weeks, Overwatch League franchise Guangzhou Charge entered a three-year deal with Herbalife Nutrition and LDN UTD found a nutrition partner in Bio-Synergy. This latest deal sees Crown Esports Nutrition join imagin, Kappa, DYVIP, and Global Sports Innovation Center as a partner of the Spanish brand.

Esports Insider says: With more and more esports stakeholders starting to take note of the health and wellbeing of their players, it’s sweet to see MAD Lions signing a new partner that specialises in nutrition. Hopefully, this partnership will massively benefit the players and develop new ways of working to increase player performance in a sustainable way.

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