UCEA and NAECAD partner to “advance” collegiate esports

North American varsity collegiate program Unified Collegiate Esports Association (UCEA) has partnered with the National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors (NAECAD).

The joint executive initiative will launch with an aim “to serve, legitimize, and advance competitive esports at the university level.” The pair will maintain a keen emphasis on leadership, advocacy, and professional development for UCEA coaches and directors.

National Association of Esports Coaches and Directors Unified Collegiate Esports Association
Credit: Unified Collegiate Esports Association

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Victoria Horsley, Chief Revenue Officer of UEA and President of UCEA, commented on the partnership in a release: “UCEA’s partnership with NAECAD allows us to continue to raise and advance the development of the greater collegiate esports community, current and future leadership and valuable resources within North America.

“This partnership also functions as a think tank that will be driven by thought leadership, best practices and subject matter experts. NAECAD perfectly aligns with UCEA’s mission, stakeholders, targeted audiences and ongoing strategic strides to enhance the current collegiate landscape.”

UCEA will tap into NAECAD’s existing platform to educate and provide direction for the program’s network of institutions. This includes collaborating to develop key classes for the purpose of growing scholastic esports at large. These resources will be made available through NAECAD to all UCEA institutional staff once they are finalised “in the upcoming months.”

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Dr. Jay Prescott, Executive Director of NAECAD, added: “I am beyond welcoming of this partnership with UCEA as it demonstrates a high level of commitment from both entities to enhance competitive esports at the collegiate level. This teamwork will provide collaborative support, quality professional development resources, and structure that will enhance program success and the student experience. I look forward to seeing esports leaders and their programs throughout North America reap the benefits.”

The Kansas-based holding company underwent a brand makeover in May, shelving the Midwest Esports name in favour of Unified Esports Association. The brand renovations were made alongside a strategic consolidation, both of which reflected on the company’s increasing number of acquisitions.

Esports Insider says: The scholastic esports sector is still very much an untamed space; hordes of companies and service providers are getting involved but with no real cohesiveness. This partnership, however, seems a step in the right direction, and a collaboration which should serve as a positive for the sector at large.

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