Nordavind and Bodylab team up for product collaboration

05 August 2020


Nordic organisation Nordavind has announced a partnership with sports nutrition brand Bodylab to collaborate on a new line of “functional mental focus” products.

The products will launch this autumn and be available for purchase exclusively in Scandinavia on the Bodylab website.

Image source: Nordavind

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The joint Bodylab and Nordavind nutritional products will be designed to “increase player concentration, counteract fatigue, and elevate their performance to a whole new level,” according to a release.

Steffen Willumsen, Commercial Director of Nordavind, commented on the partnership in a release: “Bodylab is well known for their healthy products in the fit lifestyle and sports nutrition segment and we are very proud that they want to explore the respective esports, gaming and mental performance segment together with us in Nordavind. Since the club’s inception, we have been highly engaged in that the club and its athletes such as Casper ‘Hunterace’ Notto, NielsChristian ‘NaToSaphiX’ Sillassen and Jørgen ‘cromen’ Robertsen should promote a healthy approach to the sport. Through our cooperation with Bodylab, we are looking forward to developing a mental performance series that is unique in its category and focusing on driving mental energy.”

Nordavind is one of several esports organisations to partner with nutritional brands recently. In the last three months alone, we’ve seen MAD Lions partner with Crown Esports Nutrition, LDN UTD with Bio-Synergy, and Guangzhou Charge with Herbalife.

Kenneth Halvorsen, CEO of Bodylab, added: “With esports being one of the biggest sports in the world, we want to offer products that answer the unique demands of gamers and esports athletes. We at Bodylab are very pleased to have partnered with Nordavind, one of the largest esports teams in the Nordics, to support the players in their everyday training, as well as key competitions such as the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

Esports Insider says: It’s no surprise that nutritional brands would want to reach young audiences in new ways. As more people view esports as a “real” sport, as China recently acknowledged, we’re going to see a lot more brand partnerships normally associated with traditional “stick-and-ball” sports leagues.