International Esports Federation adds eight more member nations

09 September 2020


The International Esports Federation has announced that new members from across the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Europe have joined its ranks.

The new nations, taking the tally up to 82 member nations, are represented through their respective national esports associations and include Chile, Ecuador, Jordan, Libya, Luxembourg, Mauritania, Monaco, and Slovenia.

International Esports Federation adds eight more member nations
Credit: IESF

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Many potential members are applying to be a part of International Esports Federation, according to a release. Boban Totovski, IESF Board Member and Secretariat Director, is happy with the additions, commenting that they strengthen the “unity mission that we have started.”

The federation was first founded in 2008 by just nine nations from Europa and Asia. 12 years later, it boasts just over 80 nations from each of the continents – excluding Antarctica. In the past year, it has partnered with the Asian Electronic Sports Federation, World Esports Consortium, and International School Sports Federation.

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IESF dedicates its rapid expansion due to the organisation’s ability to deliver benefits to its members. Led by President Vlad Marinescu, its mission is to create a thriving esports ecosystem on a global level, where growth can happen both for large esports economies, but also grassroots-level nations.

Esports Insider Says: IESF adding even more member nations to its collection is another show of strength for the federation. Not only does it state that it will further develop the esports economy, but it also wants to provide a chance for grassroots esports to succeed in countries across the entire world, so all eyes should be on the organisation to make a big impact in the coming years.

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